Do You Know This Story of Team India Star Opener Shubman Gill?

Shubman Gill's unknown story

Team India opener Shubman Gill has been in the best form of his life in recent years. He took charge as an Indian opener at a very young age, but rarely did he disappoint his team and his country in that role.

But do you know Shubman Gill’s father, Lakhwinder Singh, also wanted to become a professional cricketer when he was young. But lack of opportunities didn’t let him achieve his dream. However, he didn’t let the same happen with his son and became his first cricket coach.

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Lakhwinder Singh helped his son take his game to the next level. He hired help on the farm to give about 500-700 throwdowns per day. The boy was made to bat with a stump so that he could middle the ball better. He was also made to play on a charpoy where the ball skids off. This helped his adept to play fast bowlers well.

No doubt all his hard work is paying off now. After U19 WC, Shubman Gill now is on track to compete in ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023.

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