Exclusive: You Won’t Believe What Salman Butt Just Said About India and the World Cup!

Salman Butt Agrees with Michael Vaughan, Reveals India's World Cup Secret!

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Former Pakistan National Cricket Team captain Salman Butt has joined the chorus of voices echoing former England National Cricket Team captain Michael Vaughan’s bold claim that the team capable of defeating India in the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 stands the best chance of lifting the coveted trophy.

Exclusive: You Won't Believe What Salman Butt Just Said About India and the World Cup!

India’s cricketing prowess is on a resounding upswing, and they’re peaking at the right moment, just before the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023. Recently, they clinched the Asia Cup 2023 and triumphed over Australia in a thrilling three-match ODI series on home turf. These performances have firmly positioned the Men in Blue as the tournament favorites, determined to put an end to their ICC trophy drought, which has persisted since their last triumph in 2013.


Michael Vaughan recently took to his official social media handle to express his admiration for India’s performance in the Indore ODI against Australia. He asserted, “It’s quite clear to me… Whoever beats #India will win the WC… India’s batting lineup on Indian pitches is ridiculous… Plus they have all the bowling options covered… it’s only the pressure of the burden that could stop them.”

Now, Salman Butt has echoed a similar sentiment in a video shared on his official YouTube channel. Butt underscored that India is on an unparalleled ascent, boasting a formidable batting and bowling unit. He elaborated, “India is the only one in world cricket to have this ultimate rise. Everyone is talking about four teams to watch out for in the upcoming World Cup. However, what I believe is that the team that beats India will win the World Cup. India is the best team. Their batting is complete, and their bowling is most suitable to these conditions. Unless they themselves make mistakes, it is unlikely that any team will even come close to them.”

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Salman Butt further commended Indian cricket’s commitment to excellence, noting significant strides in multiple areas over the years. He stated, “India has improved significantly over the past few years. The fitness levels of these players are far better than what we saw 15 years ago. Similarly, the fielding standards have also improved. From infrastructure to commentators to experts to their kit, everything related to cricket in India is top-notch.”

Butt also pointed out a distinctive quality of Indian cricket compared to the rest of the world. Despite the proliferation of franchise-based T20 leagues globally, India’s cricketing fortunes have continued to rise, while many other teams have faltered. Salman Butt articulated, “Amid the rise of franchise-based T20 leagues, India is the only country whose cricket has improved. Test cricket and ODIs have suffered a lot with the increasing popularity of T20s. However, in spite of that, India is one team that has performed well across formats. On the other hand, there has been a drastic fall for the rest of the teams. All other sides are struggling due to the rise of T20 leagues.”

Exclusive: You Won't Believe What Salman Butt Just Said About India and the World Cup!

As cricket fans eagerly anticipate the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023, the consensus seems to be growing stronger: defeating India may indeed be the key to claiming the ultimate prize in international cricket. As India continues to strengthen its cricketing prowess and maintain high standards, cricket enthusiasts worldwide are eagerly anticipating the Cricket World Cup 2023.


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