IND VS AUS World Cup 2023 Final: Josh Hazlewood Expects A Good Cricket Pitch

Australian Cricketer Josh Hazlewood expects a good cricket pitch for World Cup 2023 Final against India

Australian fast bowler Josh Hazlewood expressed his anticipation for a favorable cricket pitch at Ahmedabad’s Narendra Modi Stadium in the upcoming World Cup 2023 title clash against India. Hazlewood shared insights into the joy of playing cricket in diverse locations, spanning from the northern to southern regions and the east to the west, each presenting unique cricketing conditions. He emphasized the necessity for players to adapt their bowling and batting techniques to suit the distinct circumstances of each ground. Illustrating this, he cited the recent match against South Africa at Eden Gardens, Kolkata, where the ball exhibited unusual spin, and during the initial overs, it moved considerably for the Australian team.

Josh Hazlewood Expects a good cricket pitch in World Cup 2023 Final in Ahmedabad

“I guess that’s the beauty of having so many grounds in one country that – from north to south, east to west – they’re all a little bit different. You adapt your bowling, adapt your batting to those conditions and we saw tonight it really spun and for us, it nipped around early,” Hazlewood said to (Official Website for Australian Cricket)

Hazlewood anticipates encountering a pitch reminiscent of the one they played against England, which offered an excellent balance between batting and bowling opportunities. In that match, pacers benefited from good swing conditions, while spinners were also effective. It resulted in a loss for England against Australia. “We played England at Ahmedabad and the wicket was pretty good without being an absolute flat track, so I expect probably something similar to that,” Hazlewood added.

The Australian team is scheduled to reach Ahmedabad today at 2 pm. They have two vital practice sessions planned in preparation for the World Cup 2023 final.

The much-anticipated match is set to kick off at 2 pm on Sunday, 19th November. The toss will add an extra layer of excitement, as fans eagerly await to see which team wins it and the strategic decision they make afterward.

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