Is Trisha Kulkarni the Girlfriend of Shreyas Iyer? Know Now

Trisha and Shreyas were also observed having dinner with Shardul and his wife.

Shreyas Iyer has undeniably established himself as a reliable performer for Team India in the last 2-3 years. Holding the prestigious number 4 spot in the ODI team and seamlessly transitioning to excel at number 5 in the test arena, Iyer’s prowess goes beyond batting skill. His ability to form crucial partnerships, assess game situations, and construct innings with finesse sets him apart.

Is Trisha Kulkarni the Girlfriend of Shreyas Iyer? Know Now

Apart from his cricketing achievements, Iyer has recently become the center of speculation during Team India’s Diwali celebrations. The buzz revolves around his mysterious companion, whose identity remains unconfirmed. The duo, dressed in matching attire, triggered a viral frenzy, sparking rumors about Iyer’s potential romantic involvement.

Shreyas Iyer has been frequently seen with a particular lady on various special occasions, especially gaining attention during Team India’s Diwali celebration. The increasing discussions and speculations have led to a growing curiosity about whether Shreyas is truly dating Trisha. This article aims to address the raised questions surrounding Shreyas Iyer’s personal life.

Is Trisha Kulkarni the Girlfriend of Shreyas Iyer?

The girl seen at Team India’s Diwali party and the semi-final match has been identified as Trisha Kulkarni, sparking rumors about her relationship with Iyer. The two have been frequently spotted together, raising questions about their dating status. Despite their public appearances, neither party has officially confirmed or denied their relationship.

Trisha Kulkarni, known for maintaining a low profile, keeps her Instagram account private. Interestingly, both Shreyas Iyer and his sister follow Trisha on social media. Further adding to the speculation, Trisha was seen at the stadium during the semi-final match between India and New Zealand, seated alongside Rohit Sharma’s wife, Ritika.

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While Shreyas Iyer continues to shine on the cricket field with his explosive batting in the ongoing World Cup 2023, the mystery surrounding his personal life has only grown. The identity of his rumored girlfriend remains undisclosed, and Iyer has chosen to keep fans guessing by neither confirming nor denying the persistent rumors.

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