T20 World Cup 2024 Full Schedule: India to Play All Matches in USA

International Cricket Council (ICC) has announced the full schedule of T20 World Cup 2024. Interestingly, India is all set to play its group stage matches only in the USA. The decision is made to popularise the cricket in the western parts of the world. The huge fanbase of India could garner the attention of a lot of Americans.

T20 World Cup 2024 will start on 2 June 2024 with the match between United States of America and Canada. India will play its first match on 5 June 2024 against Ireland. The marquee India vs Pakistan clash is set for 9 June 2024 in New York. Tickets for the matches are already released and many matches like India vs Pakistan have already been sold out.

This is the first time that a total of 20 teams will participate in the the tournament. 4 groups of 5 teams each have been made. A total of 40 matches will be played in the group stage before finalising the Super Eights and then the semi-finalists and finalists from them as the tournament progresses.

T20 World Cup 2024 Full Schedule: India to Play All Matches in USA

T20 World Cup 2024 Groups

Group A: India, Pakistan, Ireland, Canada, United States

Group B: England, Australia, Namibia, Scotland, Oman

Group C: New Zealand, West Indies, Afghanistan, Papua New Guinea, Uganda

Group D: South Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Netherlands, Nepal

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T20 World Cup 2024 Schedule

USA vs CANSun Jun 2, 202412:30 AMDallas
WI vs PNGSun Jun 2, 202407:30 PMGuyana
NAM vs OMASun Jun 2, 202411:30 PMBarbados
SL vs SAMon Jun 3, 202407:30 PMNew York
AFG vs UGAMon Jun 3, 202407:30 PMGuyana
ENG vs SCOTue Jun 4, 202407:30 PMBarbados
NED vs NEPWed Jun 5, 202412:30 AMDallas
IND vs IREWed Jun 5, 202408:30 PMNew York
PNG vs UGAWed Jun 5, 202411:30 PMGuyana
AUS vs OMAWed Jun 5, 202411:30 PMBarbados
USA vs PAKThur Jun 6, 202408:30 PMDallas
NAM vs SCOThur Jun 6, 202411:30 PMBarbados
CAN vs IREFri Jun 7, 202407:30 PMNew York
NZ vs AFGFri Jun 7, 202407:30 PMGuyana
SL vs BANSat Jun 8, 202412:30 AMDallas
NED vs SASat Jun 8, 202407:30 PMNew York
AUS vs ENGSat Jun 8, 202407:30 PMBarbados
WI vs UGASat Jun 8, 202411:30 PMGuyana
IND vs PAKSun Jun 9, 202408:30 PMNew York
OMA vs SCOSun Jun 9, 202411:30 PMAntigua
SA vs BANMon Jun 10, 202407:30 PMNew York
PAK vs CANTue Jun 11, 202407:30 PMNew York
SL vs NEPTue Jun 11, 202407:30 PMFlorida
AUS vs NAMTue Jun 11, 202411:30 PMAntigua
USA vs INDWed Jun 12, 202408:30 PMNew York
WI vs NZWed Jun 12, 202411:30 PMTrinidad and Tobago
ENG vs OMAThur Jun 13, 202407:30 PMAntigua
BAN vs NEDThur Jun 13, 202407:30 PMSt Vincent
AFG vs PNGThur Jun 13, 202411:30 PMTrinidad and Tobago
USA vs IREFri Jun 14, 202407:30 PMFlorida
SA vs NEPFri Jun 14, 202407:30 PMSt Vincent
NZ vs UGAFri Jun 14, 202411:30 PMTrinidad and Tobago
IND vs CANSat Jun 15, 202408:30 PMFlorida
NAM vs ENGSat Jun 15, 202411:30 PMAntigua
AUS vs SCOSat Jun 15, 202411:30 PMSt Lucia
PAK vs IRESun Jun 16, 202407:30 PMFlorida
BAN vs NEPSun Jun 16, 202407:30 PMSt Vincent
SL vs NEDSun Jun 16, 202411:30 PMSt Lucia
NZ vs PNGMon Jun 17, 202407:30 PMTrinidad and Tobago
WI vs AFGMon Jun 17, 202411:30 PMSt Lucia
A2 vs D1Wed Jun 19, 202407:30 PMAntigua
B1 vs C2Wed Jun 19, 202411:30 PMSt Lucia
C1 vs A1Thur Jun 20, 202407:30 PMBarbados
B2 vs D2Thur Jun 20, 202411:30 PMAntigua
B1 vs D1Fri Jun 21, 202407:30 PMSt Lucia
A2 vs C2Fri Jun 21, 202411:30 PMBarbados
A1 vs D2Sat Jun 22, 202407:30 PMAntigua
C1 vs B2Sat Jun 22, 202411:30 PMSt Vincent
A2 vs B1Sun Jun 23, 202407:30 PMBarbados
C2 vs D1Sun Jun 23, 202411:30 PMAntigua
B2 vs A1Mon Jun 24, 202407:30 PMSt Lucia
C1 vs D2Mon Jun 24, 202411:30 PMSt Vincent
TBC vs TBCWed Jun 26, 202411:30 PMGuyana
TBC vs TBCThur Jun 27, 202411:30 PMTrinidad and Tobago
TBC vs TBCSat Jun 29, 202411:30 PMBarbados
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