7 All Time Best Death Over Specialists Bowler in Cricket World

The game of cricket has evolved with time. Modern-day cricket is dominated by batters and thus, bowler(s) need to seek out variations in their bowling and learn how to execute them to perfection in the penultimate over. The one who masters these skills in the death overs of the format is regarded as a death over specialist bowler.

Unfortunately, not many have been able to acquire and depict these skills at the highest level of cricket. But, few like Lasith Malinga, Jasprit Bumrah, and Dwayne Bravo have been a headache for the batsmen in the death overs. We have combined a list of bowlers of all time who were miserable in terms of giving away runs in the death over during their time.

7 Best Death Over Bowlers of All Time

7) Shaheen Afridi (Pakistan)

Shaheen Afridi is the rising fast bowler from Pakistan, who single-handedly destroyed India’s top order in the T20i World Cup 2021 match. Further, he holds a brilliant economy close to 7.8 in T20i and even better in ODI at just 5.5. The bowler is known for his swinging deliveries early in the match and yorkers in the death overs.

6) Mustafizur Rahman (Bangladesh)

Mustafizur Rahman came into the limelight with his off-cutter slower deliveries and yorkers in the death overs which were almost impossible for the batters to read. Rahman is demanded by top franchises across the globe in various tournaments. He holds an economy marginally close to 7.6 in T20 internationals with 87 wickets in his pocket.

5) Mitchell Starc (Australia)

Mitchell Starc can be termed as one of the most lethal death over due to his pace & accuracy. Moreover, the player has chosen his commitment to the nation and thus, refuses to play any franchise cricket which even makes him less exposed to batters. Mitchell Starc holds 63 wickets at a 7.55 economy in the shortest format.

4) Jofra Archer (England)

Currently, Jofra Archer is out of the game due to his injuries. But his aura can be determined by the fact that he was fast-tracked into England’s squad for the 2019 World Cup, where he played a major role and even bowled the super over in the finals. His pace, yorkers, bouncers and accuracy threatens the batter’s dominance.

Although, the bowler has played only 17 ODI & 12 T20i matches but holds an economy below 5 close to 4.7 & 7.89 respectively.

3) Dwayne Bravo (West Indies)

Dwayne Bravo is one such bowler who doesn’t have a fascinating economy rate. But comes 3rd on this list due to his slower ball variation which he developed later in his career. He is so good in death overs that for Chennai Super Kings he bowls merely 2-3 overs all in the death.

2) Jasprit Bumrah (India)

Jasprit Bumrah has been sensational since his debut with Mumbai Indians in IPL and was fast-paced in the Indian cricket team. The unorthodox bowling accuracy with those deadly toe-crushing yorkers at a pace above 140KMPH was a match made in heaven. Bumrah’s slower deliveries are even harder to pick by the batters. He holds an economy of merely 6.55 & 4.66 in T20i & ODI respectively.

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1) Lasith Malinga (Sri Lanka)

Slinga Malinga definitely tops this list. The one who developed the craze among the bowlers for perfection in executing yorkers. Malinga was one such bowler who could not only bowl a yorker but also had two variations in it. One is at a normal pace above 140KMPh and then suddenly drops his pace by 30-40KMPH in the same over to bowl a perfect yorker.

Malinga’s economy was below 7.5 in T20i matches and his unorthodox bowling action made him even more difficult to be smashed by the batters who might be facing him for 1st or 2nd time.

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