Chinese Brands Not Allowed For IPL 2024 Title Sponsorship, Says BCCI

The BCCI's decision to exclude Chinese brands and set stringent conditions for IPL 2024 title sponsorship reflects a commitment to upholding national sentiments and avoiding controversies.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is gearing up for the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 edition, with preparations for tournament sponsorship underway. However, recent reports suggest that BCCI is likely to impose strict conditions on potential bidders, including the exclusion of Chinese brands from the list of eligible sponsors.

Chinese Brands Not Allowed For IPL 2024 Title Sponsorship, Says BCCI

The last time a Chinese brand held IPL title sponsorship rights was VIVO, which had a five-year association from 2018 to 2022. However, due to political tensions between India and China, VIVO suspended its sponsorship for the 2020 IPL season. Dream11 stepped in as the title sponsor that year.

BCCI’s Stance on Chinese Brands

Recent reports indicate that the BCCI is leaning towards not allowing Chinese brands for the IPL 2024 title sponsorship. This decision is rooted in the BCCI’s reluctance to associate with firms from countries that do not have friendly relations with India. The move comes after the public backlash and negative experiences with VIVO, the Chinese smartphone maker, following the India-China border standoff.

Expanded List of Ineligible Bidders

In addition to excluding Chinese brands, the BCCI has expanded its list of ineligible bidders to encompass companies associated with fantasy games, sportswear, cryptocurrency, betting, gambling, and alcohol products. Notably, firms involved in athleisure, performance wear, and sportswear are also barred from participating in the bidding process.

Bidder Eligibility Criteria

The Invitation to Tender (ITT) includes a crucial clause specifying that corporate entities bidding for sponsorship must not be incorporated in jurisdictions with which India does not have friendly relations. If any corporate entity or proposed shareholder is incorporated in such jurisdictions, the bidder must provide detailed information about shareholding, ultimate parent company details, and ownership information for all shareholders.

Anticipation of Reputable Bidders

Despite the initial response to the sponsorship tender not being overwhelmingly positive, the BCCI remains optimistic about attracting reputable bidders due to the IPL’s global stature. The five-year sponsorship agreement, expected to extend until 2028, is slated for the bidding process around January 13-14, with the ITT document available for purchase until January 8.

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As the BCCI prepares for the IPL 2024 sponsorship, the exclusion of Chinese brands and the expanded list of ineligible bidders reflect a strategic approach to align the tournament with India’s diplomatic and public sentiment. The anticipation of attracting reputable bidders underscores the significance of IPL as a global cricketing event. The final decision on the title sponsor is eagerly awaited as the bidding process unfolds in the coming weeks.

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