Gautam Gambhir Explains Viral Video Incident: ‘Reacted to Anti-India Chants,’ Says the former Indian Cricketer

Former Indian Cricketer Addresses Viral Middle Finger Video during Asia Cup 2023

On September 4, 2023, India faced Nepal in the ongoing Asia Cup in Pallekele. Nepal was asked to bat first and set a target of 231 runs for the Men in Blue, but amid this encounter, former Team India international Gautam Gambhir found himself in the spotlight.

Gambhir, who was also doing commentary during the match, became the subject of social media chatter due to a viral video showing him making a controversial gesture towards the crowd during the India vs. Pakistan clash in Pallekele on September 2.

Gautam Gambhir Explains Viral Video Incident: 'Reacted to Anti-India Chants,' Says the former Indian Cricketer

During this video, a chant of ‘Kohli, Kohli’ or ‘Dhoni, Dhoni’ could be heard, leading to criticism from many fans on social media. However, during the India vs. Nepal match, Gambhir took the opportunity to clarify the circumstances surrounding the viral video.

Here is the incident video:

Gambhir stated in an interview with reporters that the reality on social media had been misconstrued. He pointed out that it was in response to anti-India chants from Pakistani fans that he made the gesture.

Here is the explanation video:

“What is shown on social media isn’t necessarily the truth. People portray what they want to on social media. The actual scenario was that anti-India slogans were being chanted; I heard chants of ‘Hindustan Murdabad.’ There were also slogans about Kashmir. So, there was an obvious reaction, be it in the form of a gesture, a laugh, or something else. A couple of Pakistani individuals were shouting anti-India remarks. Obviously, it was a natural reaction. I can’t stand by while my country is being maligned,” he explained.

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Following this clarification, fans also expressed their views on social media. Despite being a current member of the Lok Sabha since 2019, Gambhir, who played for the national team from 2003 to 2016, appeared to react out of patriotism in response to such fans as he couldn’t tolerate disparaging remarks about his country.

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