Here’s the correct reason why India was not penalised five runs for Virat Kohli “Fake Fielding” Accent

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In the 35th super 12 Match between India and Bangladesh, Virat Kohli was found accused of fake fielding incident when Arshdeep Singh threw the ball to the keeper. Bangladesh wicket-keeper and vice captain Nurul Hasan accused Virat during the crucial match. Here’s the exact image of that incident

Nurul Hasan expressed his disappointment after Bangladesh loss to India by mere 5 runs.


Bangladeshi fans launched a campaign against Kohli and the ICC after viewing the footage. They claimed that Bangladesh should have received 5 runs in accordance with the rules.

Many claimed that the outcome would have been different if Bangladesh had been given the five runs given that The Tigers lost by five runs.

It is under 41.5.6 that, if applicable and if the umpire feels that a player has committed the offence, they can award five penalty runs.

41.5.6  – The bowler’s end umpire shall Signal No ball or Wide to the scorers, if applicable, award 5 Penalty runs to the batting side, inform the captain of the fielding side of the reason for this action and as soon as practicable, inform the captain of the batting side.”

Because they did not view Kohli’s actions as illegal, one of the reasons the on-field umpires did not punish him is possible that:

Section 41.2 talks about unfair actions. It lays down the set of rules for all the sub-sections. Law under the fair and unfair play section states, ” If this is the first offence by that side, the bowler’s end umpire shall then summon the offending player’s captain and issue a first and final warning which shall apply to all team members for the remainder of the match.”

But mainly its upto the umpires to declare it as fake fielding or not and the match officials were happy with what Kohli did and deemed as legal one.

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