IPL 2024: 3 Indian Cricketers Earning Less Than INR 1 Crore

In the glitzy world of the IPL, where million-dollar deals make headlines, these three Indian cricketers quietly go about their business, earning less than INR 1 crore.

In the glitzy world of the Indian Premier League (IPL), where marquee players often command hefty price tags, there exists a cohort of emerging Indian talents who earn modestly compared to their more established counterparts. Despite donning the national colors, these players are yet to experience the financial windfalls that accompany the IPL auctions. Here, we delve into the list of three Indian cricketers who earn less than INR 1 Crore in the IPL.

1) Jitesh Sharma – INR 20 Lakhs

Jitesh Sharma, the talented wicket-keeper from Vidarbha, finds himself on the list of Indian cricketers earning less than INR 1 Crore in the IPL. Despite currently representing the Indian Team, Jitesh plays for the Punjab Kings in the IPL. His journey to prominence has been a recent one, with the last two seasons showcasing his skills.

IPL 2024: 3 Indian Cricketers Earning Less Than INR 1 Crore

When Punjab Kings secured his services, Jitesh was not a widely recognized name in the cricketing circles. Consequently, the lack of competition for his signature meant that he continues to earn his base price amount of INR 20 lakhs. As he further establishes his presence, future IPL auctions might witness a substantial increase in his valuation.

2) Rinku Singh – INR 55 Lakhs

Rinku Singh, a burgeoning talent in Indian cricket, is another player earning less than INR 1 Crore in the IPL. Despite showcasing his prowess as a finisher and earning a spot in the 2024 T20 World Cup squad, Rinku Singh’s IPL earnings remain relatively modest. Currently associated with the Kolkata Knight Riders, he has already proven his mettle on the field.

IPL 2024: 3 Indian Cricketers Earning Less Than INR 1 Crore

While his performances indicate a player on the rise, Singh’s salary at KKR stands at INR 55 Lakhs. This figure places him among the underpaid players in the IPL, considering his recent contributions. However, with promising performances and a potential mega-auction on the horizon, Rinku Singh might witness a significant hike in his IPL earnings.

3) Rajat Patidar – INR 20 Lakhs

Rajat Patidar, yet to make his debut for the Indian cricket team, has already earned a place in the squad, signifying his potential for a long-term association. His IPL journey began with a replacement signing for Royal Challengers Bangalore in 2022, filling in for Luvnith Sisodia at his base price of INR 20 lakhs.

IPL 2024: 3 Indian Cricketers Earning Less Than INR 1 Crore

Despite being a part of the Indian setup and showcasing promise as a future prospect, Patidar’s IPL earnings remain at the modest level of INR 20 lakhs. The upcoming seasons and his continued growth as a player might prompt an upward revision of his IPL salary, reflecting his evolving status in the cricketing landscape.

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In short, these three Indian cricketers exemplify the lesser-celebrated side of the IPL, where emerging talents, despite their national team affiliations, earn relatively modest sums. As they continue to make strides in their careers, future auctions could see these players command higher price tags, aligning with their growing stature in Indian cricket.

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