IPL 2024: Top 5 Indian Players Likely to Miss the Next IPL Edition

With the IPL 2024 mini-auction around the corner, the futures of these seasoned players hang in the balance as franchises finalize their lists.

As the cricketing world eagerly anticipates the IPL 2024 mini-auction scheduled for Dubai’s Coca-Cola Arena on December 19, the focus is on the fate of seasoned players, particularly Indian stalwarts, whose impact in the league has spanned an extended period. The November 26 deadline for submitting lists of released and retained players adds to the suspense surrounding the potential exits of these players from the IPL. In this article, we delve into the top 5 veterans who are most likely to miss the next edition of the IPL.

IPL 2024: Top 5 Indian Players Likely to Miss the Next IPL Edition

1. Piyush Chawla

Despite significant contributions over the years, leg-spinner Piyush Chawla faces uncertainty in IPL 2024. Playing a pivotal role for Mumbai Indians in 2023, he may find it challenging to secure a spot given his age and the emergence of younger, more talented spinners. The dynamic nature of T20 cricket demands fresh and vibrant talent, potentially leaving Chawla on the sidelines.

2. Sheldon Jackson

Despite being a consistent presence in the IPL, representing franchises like Kolkata Knight Riders and Royal Challengers Bangalore, Sheldon Jackson’s return to IPL 2024 seems improbable. His track record lacks consistency, having played only nine matches since his IPL debut in 2017. With a diminishing impact, Jackson may find it challenging to secure a spot in the auction.

3. Siddharth Kaul

Siddharth Kaul, a promising fast bowler, has played 55 IPL matches since 2013, accumulating 58 wickets. However, often playing the role of a backup bowler, concerns about his pace and ability to swing the ball might impact his chances in the upcoming auction. The competition for fast-bowling slots is fierce, and Kaul’s unfulfilled promise could see him miss IPL 2024.

4. Amit Mishra

Amit Mishra, a seasoned bowler with a rich history in the IPL, faces an uncertain future. At 41, with recent performances suggesting a decline in form, Mishra’s fitness and age might pose obstacles to securing a spot in IPL 2024. The emergence of young spinners could overshadow Mishra’s experience, potentially marking the end of his illustrious IPL journey.

5. Kedar Jadhav

Late addition to Royal Challengers Bangalore in IPL 2023, Kedar Jadhav struggled to make an impact. At 38, he may not align with the franchise’s future plans, potentially marking the end of his IPL career if released. The competition for middle-order spots is intense, and Jadhav’s inconsistent performances might hinder his chances in the auction.

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As the IPL 2024 auction approaches, the fate of these veterans hangs in the balance. The question remains whether their storied IPL careers will continue or reach their conclusion in Dubai’s auction arena. The dynamics of T20 cricket demand constant rejuvenation, and as teams look to build for the future, these players may find themselves at a crossroads, with uncertainty surrounding their participation in the upcoming edition.

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