Melbourne Cricket Ground Test Records & Stats- Australia vs Pakistan 2nd Test Today Match 2023

Melbourne Cricket Ground Test Records & Stats- Australia vs Pakistan 2nd Test Today Match 2023

Melbourne Cricket Ground Test Records & Stats

The Melbourne Cricket Ground, a historic venue in Australia, has been witness to Test cricket since its inaugural match on 15/03/1877. Over the years, it has hosted a total of 115 Test matches, with the last one concluding on 26/12/2022.

In these contests, the home side has exhibited dominance, securing victory in 66 matches (57.39%), while touring sides have managed 32 wins (27.83%). Notably, no neutral side has claimed a victory on this iconic ground.

Teams have displayed varying strengths, with 56 matches won by the side batting first and 42 by the side batting second. Winning the toss has been consequential, with 52 victories for the side winning the toss and 46 for the side losing the toss.

Drawing a comprehensive picture, 17 matches have resulted in a draw, showcasing the competitive nature of contests at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Individual and team performances have left a lasting mark on the records. The highest individual innings record belongs to R M Cowper (Australia), who scored 307 against England on 11/02/1966. Sarfraz Nawaz’s remarkable bowling figures of 9/86 on 10/03/1979 against Australia stand as the best in an innings, while W Rhodes (England) holds the record for the best bowling in a match with figures of 15/124 on 01/01/1904 against Australia.

The highest team innings record is 624/8 declared by Australia on 26/12/2016 against Pakistan. In contrast, the lowest team innings stands at 36, a feat achieved by South Africa on 12/02/1932 against Australia.

Noteworthy run chases include England’s achievement of 332/7 on 29/12/1928 against Australia.

Statistical averages further illuminate the cricketing dynamics at this ground, with an average opening stand of 34.30 runs, average runs per wicket and per over both standing at 29.89 and 2.91, respectively. The average score batting first is 306, underscoring the historical significance and competitive spirit embodied by the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Test cricket.

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First Test Match15/03/1877
Last Test Match26/12/2022
Matches Played115
Matches Won by Home Side66 (57.39%)
Matches Won by Touring Side32 (27.83%)
Matches Won by Neutral Side0 (0.00%)
Matches Won Batting First56 (48.28%)
Matches Won Batting Second42 (36.21%)
Matches Won Winning Toss52 (44.83%)
Matches Won Losing Toss46 (39.66%)
Matches Drawn17 (14.78%)
Matches Tied0 (0.00%)
Highest Individual Innings307R M Cowper (Australia)11/02/1966 v England
Best Bowling (Innings)9/86Sarfraz Nawaz (Pakistan)10/03/1979 v Australia
Best Bowling (Match)15/124W Rhodes (England)01/01/1904 v Australia
Highest Team Innings624/8 dec (Australia) 26/12/2016 v Pakistan
Lowest Team Innings36 (South Africa) 12/02/1932 v Australia
Highest Run Chase Achieved332/7 (England) 29/12/1928 v Australia
Average Opening Stand (Runs)34.30
Average Runs per Wicket29.89
Average Runs per Over2.91
Average Score Batting First306
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