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20 unique facts you probably didn’t know about Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli, the run machine, has been the pillar of strength of the Indian cricket team for over a decade. He has broken countless records and established new benchmarks in cricket with his exquisite innings over the years. Fans almost know everything there is to know about the superstar of world cricket. However, some remarkable facts about Virat Kohli remain that are still unknown to many.

Here are 20 Virat Kohli unique facts:

1- Virat Kohli is the only bowler in T20i cricket to take a wicket on zeroth delivery. In a T20 versus England in 2011, he bowled a wide to Kevin Pietersen, who stepped out of the crease and got stumped by MS Dhoni. Aside from batting records, this distinguishable record in bowling might be unbreakable in cricket.

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2- Virat Kohli is a vegan and follows a strict diet free of dairy or meat products. He is a dog lover and has extended his support to organisations working for animal protection, such as PETA.

3- He is the only Indian player to score a century in his 50 over World Cup debut. Kohli achieved this feat in the 2011 World Cup against Bangladesh.

4- Virat Kohli’s dedication to cricket is second to none. He batted in the Ranji trophy for Delhi the day his father died. Kohli scored 90 runs in that emotional inning.

5- Wrogn, a brand known for its famous clothing lines and accessories, is owned by the run machine Virat Kohli. He also has ownership stakes in FC Goa and Bengaluru Yodhas.

6- Ajit Chaudhary, the former coach for the Delhi Ranji team, gave him the worldwide renowned nickname, Cheeku. Dhoni was often heard saying this on stump mic before his retirement.

7- Virat Kohli holds the highest score against Pakistan in ODIs. He blasted 183 runs against Pakistan in the 2012 edition of the Asia Cup.

8- Virat Kohli, the cricketing behemoth, has never been auctioned in the Indian Premier League. He was picked as a draft player by RCB in 2008 and has been retained every season.

9- In the list of Virat Kohli unique facts, an impressive record is that Kohli has scored 7 double centuries in Test cricket as captain. He is the only skipper in Tests to achieve this magnificent milestone.

10- The VKF foundation established by Virat Kohli works for the empowerment of underprivileged children in Mumbai. The organisation helps the kids get education and scholarships.

11- In 2012, Virat Kohli was included in the 10 Best Dressed Man in the World. The coveted list also consisted of the former US president, Barack Obama.

12- Kohli is the only player representing only one franchise in the Indian Premier League. He has been an integral part of RCB since the inaugurating IPL season in 2008.

13- Virat Kohli has kept wickets for India in international cricket. He had donned the gloves on two occasions when MS Dhoni decided to bowl against South Africa and Bangladesh.

14- In 2013, ICC declared him the cricketer of the year, making him the youngest player to achieve this feat at 23.

15- On 15th position in Virat Kohli unique facts sits probably the first-ever achievement of Kohli in the international arena. He captained the Under-19 team in 2008 that lifted the World Cup trophy.

16- Kohli has scored the most runs in international T20s without scoring a century. He has cultivated 3,296 runs in 97 T20is.

17- Virat Kohli is the first Indian player to score three consecutive centuries in ODIs. He smashed these centuries against West Indies in 2018.

18- Virat Kohli met the love of his life, Anushka Sharma, at an ad shoot for Clear shampoo in 2013. The couple got married in 2017 and now has a daughter named Vamika.

19- Virat Kohli is a phenomenon on social media and earns over ₹5 Crore per sponsored post on Instagram.

20- In the list of Virat Kohli unique facts, here is an exciting thing to know about Kohli. He loves tattoos and has over 10 of them on his body. These tattoos represent his loved ones, faith and achievements.

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