Did Virat Kohli Cheat in IND vs BAN? Nurul Hasan Accuses Him of Fake Fielding- Watch Video

Nurul Hassan, the wicket-keeper batter for Bangladesh, accused Virat Kohli of fake fielding in the IND vs BAN thriller that went to the last ball. The incident that Nurul mentioned actually happened in the seventh over of the game when it seemed like Virat Kohli had done a fake gesture of throwing a ball towards the wickets.

The ball had gone to Arsdeep Singh in the deep, and Virat Kohli acted as if he had received a relay throw from Arshdeep, which he ultimately sent to the bowler’s end. However, whether he was really trying to deceive the Bangladeshi batter is a question that we can’t give answers to until Kohli clarifies what really happened at that point in time in the game.

Nurul Hasan, however, made a statement in which he said, ” Certainly the field was wet, and it had an impact, and everyone saw that and eventually what I felt is that when we were talking there was a fake throw and it could have been a five-run penalty, and that could have gone our way, but unfortunately even that didn’t come.”

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The ICC rule for a penalty on fake fielding states that “deliberate distraction, deception or obstruction of [the] batter”, and if an incident is deemed to be a breach, the umpire can declare that particular delivery as dead ball and award the batting side five runs.” However, the umpires did not take notice of this particular incident in the game. Ultimately Bangladesh lost by 5 runs in the match.

Here’s the video according to which Nurul Hasan has accused Virat Kohli fake fielding

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