IPL Auction 2024: 3 Shocking UNSOLD Players

The IPL 2024 auction brought its share of surprises, and the omission of players like Steve Smith, Manish Pandey, and Rilee Rossouw added an extra layer of intrigue to the proceedings.

The IPL Auction 2024 took the cricketing world by storm, featuring intense bidding wars, surprising picks, and, perhaps most notably, shocking unsold players. Among the unexpected turn of events were the non-inclusions of cricketing stalwarts Steve Smith from Australia, Manish Pandey from India, and Rilee Rossouw from South Africa. Here, we delve into the surprising sidelining of these seasoned players.

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1. Steve Smith

Steve Smith, a former Australian captain and one of the modern-day greats, found himself in an unexpected situation during the IPL 2024 auction as he remained unsold. Known for his prolific run-scoring and leadership qualities, Smith has been a vital asset in various T20 leagues worldwide. His absence from the auction raised eyebrows, leaving fans and experts alike speculating about the reasons behind franchises passing on the opportunity to acquire the seasoned Australian batsman.

IPL Auction 2024: 3 Shocking UNSOLD Players

Smith’s ability to anchor an innings, play innovative shots, and provide stability to the batting order has been well-established. However, the dynamics of auctions often result in surprising outcomes, and IPL 2024 was no exception. As fans come to terms with the absence of Smith in this edition, the cricketing world awaits any potential developments or statements shedding light on this unexpected outcome.

2. Manish Pandey

Another shocker in the auction room was the unsold status of Indian batsman Manish Pandey. Known for his stylish stroke play and the ability to stabilize the middle order, Pandey has been a consistent performer in the Indian domestic circuit and the IPL. Having played for franchises like KKR, RCB, LSG, DC and SRH in the past, Pandey’s exclusion left many fans puzzled.

IPL Auction 2024: 3 Shocking UNSOLD Players

The reasons behind Manish Pandey’s non-selection can be subjective, ranging from team strategies, perceived performance concerns, or budget constraints. While Pandey may have missed the opportunity to showcase his skills in IPL 2024, cricket remains unpredictable, and opportunities for comeback are always around the corner.

3. Rilee Rossouw

South African cricketer Rilee Rossouw, known for his explosive batting and powerful hitting, faced the disappointment of going unsold in the IPL 2024 auction. With experience in various T20 leagues globally and the ability to dominate bowlers, Rossouw was a surprising omission from the list of picked players.

IPL Auction 2024: 3 Shocking UNSOLD Players

Franchises often make strategic decisions based on team compositions, current form, and specific requirements, and Rossouw’s exclusion might be a result of such considerations. While the IPL is known for its unpredictability, fans and cricket pundits expressed surprise at not seeing Rossouw’s name on the list, considering his T20 prowess.

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