Interesting Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know About Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli- The run machine for India, who has carried the Team India on his shoulder ever since after the retirement of the greats like Sachin Tendulkar. Virat Kohli has completed almost 14 years in the national blue jersey and his dominance in the world of cricket in every format of the game is above par. Although, the batter who used to score centuries after every 2 or 3 matches is finding it a strenuous task to do, since past 3 years.

Nevertheless, Virat Kohli already has numerous records to his name and we bet you didn’t know about these interesting facts about your idol Virat Kohli.

Facts About Virat Kohli, Probably You Didn’t Know-

1) Only Cricketer to be named cricketer of the year in all formats

Virat Kohli was named ODI, T20i & Test cricketer of the year in a single year, which is still a record for the other players to achieve.

2) Never Auctioned in IPL

Virat Kohli has never been in the IPL auction pool. He was picked by RCB in 2008 out of the auction and since then has been retained by the franchise every season.

3) Highest Runs in a Single IPL Edition

Highest runs in a single IPL edition

Kohli was in a beast form in the 2016 IPL edition where he scored 4 T20 centuries which also included his 1st ever T20 century. Moreover, he accumulated 973 runs at an average close to 80 to take RCB to the final. Unfortunately, RCB lost the final to Sunrisers Hyderabad.

4) Magical Virat Kohli has taken the wicket off 0th delivery in a T20 game.

Virat Kohli is the first cricketer to take wicket off 0th delivery in T20i cricket

He is the first cricketer to dismiss batsmen on the 0th delivery of his T20 career. Kohli bowled a wide to Kevin Pietersen, who eventually missed and MS Dhoni took him off with his glove work.

5) Century on World Cup Debut

Kohli is the first Indian cricketer to score a century on a World Cup debut in 2011. He smashed a century against Bangladesh in the group stage to seal a victory for India by 87 runs.

6) First Cricketer to smash 500+ runs in an ODI series.

Kohli accumulated 558 runs against South Africa in 6 matches ODI series in 2018, which India won by 5-1.

7) Youngest Player to Win ICC ODI Cricketer of the Year award

He won the ICC ODI cricketer of the year award in 2012 merely at an age of 23. He is still the youngest player to achieve this award.

8) Back to Back 3 Test Centuries

He is the first cricketer to smash 3 consecutive test centuries while captaining a team. Kohli achieved this feat in 2017 against Sri Lanka.

9) Virat Kohli Turned Vegetarian Post an injury

Few people know that Virat Kohli suffered an injury in his cervical spine in 2018 on a South Africa tour, which forced him to convert his diet to veg.

How many facts did you already know about Virat Kohli out of the above 9 ? If you knew more than 7 then you are a die-hard fan of him.

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