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3 Shots Rohit Sharma Plays Better Than Kohli. You Cannot Deny This.

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Rohit Sharma, the present all-format captain of the Indian team is enjoying the best phase of his career life as a captain. Rohit achieved some memorable records as a captain like 19 consecutive wins across the format as a captain.

Rohit has always been praised by the greats of the game for his timing and 6-hitting ability. What else do you want from an Indian player? If he is the only player to score 3 ODI double centuries in the cricket world & the only Indian to smash 250 ODI sixes & the fastest one to do so in cricket history.


The class of Rohit cannot be depicted in words and his shots make you doubt the game, “How can he hit so clean?” Even, Virat Kohli expressed this point of view in one of his interviews on Breakfast with Champions.

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Are you a Rohit fan or a Virat Kohli fan? If none, then you would have been the part of the discussion where people compare both players to each other as to who is better than the other one. We think both are equally marvelous & doing their job brilliantly for Team India.

Of course, each one of them is superior to the other one in some aspects of the game. Virat’s consistency with the bat has been at par with Rohit, but Rohit’s impactful innings are way ahead of Kohli’s. Hope you haven’t forgotten his 264* against Sri Lanka in the ODI match.

Cricreads did a detailed analysis of Rohit & Virat Kohli’s shots and came up with 3 such shots in which Rohit holds an edge over Virat Kohli.

3 Shots of Rohit Sharma Better Than Virat Kohli

1) Pull Shot

Certainly, this shot is the one in which Rohit plays not just better than Virat Kohli but any current cricketer in the world. No one can deny this fact. The timing of Rohit’s pull shot and how comfortably he hits makes everyone think that he has some extra time to play this shot beautifully.

Although, Virat Kohli doesn’t struggle against the short ball, however, Rohit’s timing to deliver those short balls in the stands is better than his teammate.

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2) Scoop Shot

Virat rarely plays the scoop shot, however, Indian captain Rohit Sharma with his determination & practice has excelled in this shot & loves to play the scoop shot in matches. You can see him playing this shot during the start or when he is set on the crease. Even his scoop shots land directly in the stands. Astonishing. How can someone smash sixes so effortlessly? No clue to date.

3) Square Cut

Watch Rohit playing against an off-spinner. As soon as he gets a ball outside off, the ball is undoubtedly going for a boundary with his square-cut shot. Even the fast bowlers are afraid to ball him at such line & length.

Virat Kohli also plays this shot quite often but he has certainly been dismissed more on the outside off deliveries.

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